Your OR Schedule
and Management

Supercharge Your OR Scheduling and Management

Unlock your OR's full potential, ensure optimal resource utilization and build resilience with the power of network science and AI.

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Unlock your OR's full potential

Step into a new dimension where surgical procedures are viewed as interconnected networks, revealing impactful optimization opportunities within your operating room.

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Discover Optimization Opportunities in Your OR

Gain visibility into the intricate connections within your OR so that you can allocate resources more efficiently, minimize downtime, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Boost Revenue with Smarter OR Management

Leverage advanced optimization algorithms to make the most of your OR's operational capacity, cut costs, and secure additional revenue opportunities.

Fortify Against Disruptions with a Resilient OR Schedule

Build a resilient OR schedule that adapts to changes and disruptions, ensuring the continuous delivery of top-quality patient care.

Adaptive OR
Optimization Engine

Every element in your OR—from surgical procedures to staff—is part of a complex network. Opmed utilizes AI and network science to illuminate these connections, providing you with insights needed to make strategic decisions, optimize resources, and build resilience.

Seamless Transition to Smarter Scheduling

Easily integrate Opmed with your existing OR schedule, preserving your established workflows and systems, and ensuring a smooth transition to optimization. Plus, we don't need personal health or identification data.

Your OR,
Your Rules

Tailor your OR schedule to your unique needs. Define your constraints and preferences, from staff availability to equipment use. Opmed's advanced AI then delivers optimization suggestions within these parameters to inform your scheduling decisions.

Anticipate and Adapt with Predictive Intelligence

Optimize your OR schedule by accurately predicting case durations using operational data, past procedures, surgeons' histories, patient characteristics, and more. Address staff shortages and optimize resource allocation for a streamlined and efficient OR.

Optimize Your OR Schedule with AI

Experience the impact of smart shifts that unlock valuable time, enabling 1-3 additional cases per month and reducing operating costs by 5%-15%.


Preemptively identify potential disruptions to your OR schedule with advanced AI and network science algorithms and maintain top-quality patient care and operational efficiency, even in the face of unforeseen changes.

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Experience The Opmed Difference:
Harness  Network Science
and AI to Optimize your OR

In your Operating Room, every element is deeply interconnected, forming a complex and dynamic network. By viewing procedures as isolated blocks, conventional OR scheduling methods don't account for this intricate web of interdependencies.

Opmed utilizes AI and network science to illuminate these hidden connections. By viewing your OR as a dynamic network, we empower you to make strategic decisions, optimize resource allocation, predict disruptions, and adapt to rapidly shifting circumstances.

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Turn idle OR time into productive case time, enabling an additional 1-3 procedures per OR each month

Slash scheduling errors in half, accurately predict possible disruptions, and build a robust, adaptable OR schedule

Avoid under- or overusing resources, saving your hospital 5%-15% in operating costs

Trusted By

Raphael Hospital, Israel

Herzliya Medical Center, Israel

Bluebird Tech Solutions

Ryan Medical Equipment

Assuta Ashdod


Mayo Clinic, US

Collaboration is funded by

The Cardiac Department at Newark Beth Israel

Dr. Howard Levitt

Leverage Science-Backed Innovation

Opmed is more than just a scheduling solution—it's an innovation built on rigorous academic research from Prof. Baruch Barzel's Complex Network Dynamics Lab. Our scientifically validated approach to OR scheduling optimization has been trusted by hospitals in Israel, a global hub for innovation.

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Better OR Planning Benefits Everyone

With Opmed, you're not just creating a schedule; you're building a robust,resilient OR plan that can absorb disruptions and boost performance.

“Opmed is a game-changer. The solution provides us with concrete transparent proactive interventions and an improved resource allocation. It also allows us to identify risks in our OR schedule, increase utilization rates, and reduce our operating costs by clearing rooms or reducing staff overtime and agency pay.”

Prof. David Margel | CMO, Raphael Hospital, Israel

“There are many systems that help track daily hospital operations, but Opmed helps us optimize the OR schedule, showing where we can improve and plan appropriately. We are already seeing a significant improvement in our OR operations.”

Dani Engel | CEO, Herzliya Medical Center, Israel

OR Managers

Simplify scheduling, minimize downtime, maximize OR usage and block utilization, and improve on-time starts and turnover times.

Perioperative Leaders

Use data-driven insights to increase surgical volume, reduce unexpected case overruns. Get the most out of each OR, and enhance both patient outcomes and staff satisfaction.

Hospital Leadership

Boost your bottom line with strategies rooted in data, leading to increased revenue per OR hour, lower costs per case, better OR usage, and improved overall financial performance.

Surgical Leaders

Boost surgeon productivity and patient satisfaction with precise surgery duration estimates, leading to efficient scheduling and reduced case delays.

Nursing Leaders

Efficiently allocate and manage your nursing staff to minimize overtime costs, reduce idle time, and maintain a streamlined workflow for increased staff satisfaction.

Hospital Staff

Enjoy a well-organized, predictable work schedule that respects their availability and preferences, reducing stress and improving work-life balance.

Embrace the new era in OR management

See the unseen and anticipate the unexpected to create resilient OR schedules,
maximize resource allocation, and improve quality of care with Opmed.